Had enough of Wordpress and want it removed from your site?

The whole point of using a content management system is so you don't have to hire someone to make changes for you. Yet, month after month you pay someone to run backups and updates to core, plugin and theme files ... and still, the damn site breaks, goes down and gets hacked. You were told a CMS would make life easier for you but it really has not. If anything, you feel like you've just traded one problem for another.

Question: Does your developer spend more time updating and fixing things than you spend making content changes?

Sounds like you are ready to Abate WP.

Wait. What does that mean anyway?
It means removing Wordpress from your site while keeping design, pages, content and functions intact.

Abated websites are faster, more secure and easier for owners.

  • Fast
    After removing Wordpress from sites, we typically see a signifcant improvement in download time. To the tune of 50% to 90% faster. All web sites are different, and so results will vary, but the majority of our customers see a very noticeable difference.
  • Secure
    According to hostingfacts.com, 83% of hacked sites are running Wordpress. Hackers like Wordpress because when they find a vulnerability in one site, it tends to exist in many sites, giving the hacker more targets. Removal of WP mitigates that risk.
  • Easy
    For about the same money you pay someone to keep Wordpress and plugins updated, you could pay a pro to make content edits for you. That's easy. If there's some content you HAVE to be able to edit, we can setup an editing method that is NOT Wordpress.


While it can be a great low cost option for many websites, the Wordpress CMS isn't for everyone and WE UNDERSTAND THAT.

Based not far from Boston, Massachusetts we are a group of developers, designers and production people with decades of collective experience in all aspects of website development. We begrudgingly work with Wordpress (and similar CMS apps) everyday for some of our clients and know how frustrating it can be.

We will manually make sure that every bit of design, content and all functions from your Wordpress site carry over to your new, non-Wordpress site. We do not use a plugin or other script for this process, all changes are tediously made by hand to ensure everything is perfect.






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